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"! >> john: good evening, i'm john fuglesang. thank you for joining us on "viewpoint." the u.s. today ordered americans out of yemen sending the international terror alert to high. all nonessential government employees have been evacuated from the u.s. embassy and american citizens are urged to leave now! the british embassy closed up shop, as well. and the evacuation comes just a day after u.s. intelligence officials say they intercepted a new threat. this one from al-qaeda chief ayman al-zawahiri to his deputy ordering him do "do something." that something officials say is a major attack. one involving explosives or possibly a suicide assault. this, of course, follows weeks of what the intelligence community calls a rising tide of chatter, the likes of which they say we haven't seen since 9-11 2001. last week, the white house temporarily closed an unprecedented 19 american embassies and consulates across the middle east and in north africa and sent out a warning for travelers throughout the globe. it is all vaguely reminiscent of the color-coded alerts of the bush era. florida representativ
>> cenk: where can you always see us? you know it, the young later tonight we'll have another show there for you guys. always check out tubes at youtube/tyt. my friend john fugelsang is next with "viewpoint." bye-bye. >> john: rush limbaugh doesn't want school kids brainwashed into accepting transgender kids but it's totally cool to brain wash kids to despise them. and congressman dana rohrbacher goes to town hall and assures his constituents that claim change is an evil plot by 97% of the world's scientists and nasa to convince people that pollution is bad. and it's more 90s retro than a mixed tape of bush, hole, and tool. and if you're a christian american who hates or discriminates against anybody you suck at being christian and american. it's the birthday of david crosby, and magic johnson who was diagnosed with h.i.v. looks great now. score one more point for science. and today is the birthday of social security, ever notice the same politicians who tell you that obama is coming for your guns exact ones coming for your social security? stick around. this is "viewp
are. >> john: great to have you. >> the butchest name in sports. >> thank you four joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> john: when i took the show over, i had a goal of three dream guests, you were top of the list. i'm happy before al jazeera takes the furniture away, we got to have you on. i want to get the controversy out of the way. you said you would put your own money in the film. >> i have. one was self-financed. reddick summer was self-financed. i'm putting money in this film, too. so it is not like i'm not putting money in my films within the last three decades. >> john: exactly. as far as kick start, we have a mutual friend, ryan denmark who did a facebook posting is that what people don't understand is spike lee has had to fight for funding for every movie he's ever made. >> i wouldn't say every one but it is -- you know, this is the new day of -- it is a new day. for example, steven soderbergh is one of the most successful directors in hollywood today. he said i'm done with hollywood as far as film school. i'm just going to deal with cable. and we look at it,
to bypass congressional republican obstruction tactics and use extensive executive orders to enact his agenda. this guy acts like he was elected by the majority of americans or something. how arrogant! also, a-rod may be banned from baseball for life. and if we police the banks as thoroughly as we police the baseballs, there might be no financial crisis. >>> meanwhile, somewhere in america, a deranged woman you probably worked with is now writing her first love letter to ariel castro in prison despite the fact he slut shamed his victims during sentence. we'll uncover the slut shaming from rush limbaugh to castro on tonight's f bomb. today is the birthday of the late jerry garcia, also the birthday of my favorite rapper, public enemy leader chuck d and coolio is 50. how did that happen? i mention the musical artists today because mtv has a birthday they launched on this date in 1981 when the letters in their logo stood for music television. they dropped the words music television in 2010 proving once and for all that mtv now stands for nothing. this is "viewpoint." >> john: good evening
rose is 83 years old. george soros uses his money to influence american politics. i learned that from a lot of fans of up are urt murdoch's -- of rupert murdoch's fox news. this is "viewpoint." >> john: i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." thank you so much for joining us tonight. election day 2006 is still 1186 days away but don't tell iowa. the state hosted namer players from both parties this past weekend. claire mccaskill whipped up a a crowd at madam president town hall. it had all of the markings of a hillary clinton campaign event except for the fact there was no candidate. that will have to wait until mrs. clinton decides whether or not to run. meantime in ames, iowa, the g.o.p.'s crop of candidates at the second annual family leadership summit. some 1500 religious conservatives cleared the likes of possible presidential candidates rick santorum and noted spiritual adviser donald trump. but it was texas senator ted cruz who raised the roof with the biggest applause line of the day. >> there was no more important regulatory reform that we can do than to repeal every single
, and you knew you were a good public speaker. >> i used to win speech contests all the time. they always picked me to be in front of the class, so it was a natural class. i have stage fright, and i have fear of public speaking to some extent because i'm alone up there. >> john: every good artist has stage fright. olivia had it foreyears. >> you go up there, and you're r naked and everybody else is dressed. the one thing i liked about the "the view" that i had my sisters with me and they could help me carry the ball. then that began to annoy me. i got my own show and then i jumped the sister-knit. i thought, i have my own show, i don't have to sit with other women and not get a word in. >> john: didn't you enjoy being part of the ensemble and then going over to your own show. >> for a while did i. then it got to be too much work. even the show on current and then having "the view," it was a lot. i have a lot of topics in my head all the time. >> rosy and elizabeth, the people who came on, it seemed like your guest bookings became more political, and it's the daytime program that the presi
everything", and he joins us this evening from san francisco where he is hosting "the war room." david welcome back to the "viewpoint." >> thanks for having me. >> john: it's a pleasure to have you. the argument we hear against higher minimum wage is it would force these companies to jack up prices. and it would be a devastating blow to the consumer. please tell us what that is wrong. >> because you have to look at who makes minimum wage and what we know when you hold profits equal, what a wage increase would mean for the corporations. let's look at mcdonald's. mcdonald's according to a hundred economists who wrote a letter to policy makers, mcdonald's would have to -- in order to recoup the most of a high minimum wage, mcdonald's only have to raise the prize of a big mac $0.05. if you raise minimum wage up to $15, the cost would go up one quarter. if every worker at wal-mart made $12 an hour, the average consumer would have to pay about $0.46 more total on their typical visit to wal-mart. now when you take those numbers and you ask yourself the question, okay, is it worth putting doll
with put tin on your way to meeting with jay men know. the tea party is so used to eating their own, they could legally change their name to the doer party. marvin the martian and charlize theron born in south america, makes her the whitest south african ever. and it is this point, it's so painful, it's like watching rod stewart on stage. anthony, stop, stop, stop. this is viewpoint. >> good evening, i'm john if you fugelsang. i'll honored to have with us a man who was the host of his own show called the dick cavett show, which aired for 12 years. from icons to politicians, this show gave a platform for personalities to speak freely on a scale you never see today. take a look. >> suppose someone said to you you got to loosen up, i know you got to work, but let's go out and get drunk and sniff cocaine. that's what everybody's doing. >> i don't believe everybody's doing that. i won't do it. i've got plenty of energy without it. cold sober, i find myself absolutely fascinating. [ laughter ] >> yoko sat in that very chair. >> why don't you look at your question sheet and ask a question?
>> cenk: check us out tonight an hour from now on a whole other show is awesome. youtube/tyt. >> john: congratulations to north carolina for taking on the completely nonexistent issue of voter fraud. because before we can tackle the real problems, we must tackle the made-up problems then we have don't have to tackle the real problems. the deficit is set to hit a five-year row. in 2010, chely wright made history as the first major country singer to come out as gay. today, she's married to her partner, a new mom of twins and she's joining us for the final week of "viewpoint." before current goes away, it is the master class summit coming right up with both bill press and cenk uygur. today is the birthday of the late alfred hitchcock, fidel castro and valerie plame wilson. the future will not belong to those who sit on the sidelines. the funeral will not belong to the cynics. the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. that's paul wellstone and tonight's f block explores what the word "liberal" really means and why liberals ought to be pro
honor to welcome to the final hour of current t.v. roseanne barr. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. it's very much an honor to be here with you. you're a great comic and a great mind. you, you know, you'll be missed. i'm sure that you won't be missed for long before something else occurs for you, you're very talented. >> i'm going to audition to be your next middle on the road. [ laughter ] >> i got to say, i've loved you on stage, i've loved you on t.v., as someone who brought a ticket to say she devil, in the movies. i loved you in blue in the face, but i loved you more than r. on twitter. you make that site bearable and you're very active with your handle, the real roseanne. i would like to frame some of this deeply serious interview with a few tweets of years, tarting with april 1 of last year, you tweeted: this is something we covered lot on the show and failed to address the racist war on drugs is one of the big evident problems with the current democratic party. it's one of the reasons you ran for president. what's your biggest problem with the war on drugs? >>
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10

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